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    Digital Nomad Visa

    Allows you to live in a country while working remotely

Popular Countries

Digital Nomad Visa Requirements and Cost

Countries offering Digital Nomad Visas, as well as the duration and extension, the required income and the application fee according to data available in 2023

Area  Country  Visa length  Extend  Income Required R  Application Fee R 
Europe  Albania  1 year  Renewed up to 5 years 
Europe  Armenia  1 year  Renewed up to 5 years  R4 860 
Europe  Croatia  1 year  reapply after 6 months  R44 640  R2 400 
Europe  Cyprus  1 year  Extend with 2 years  R70 000  R1 400 
Europe  Czech Republic  1 year  Can be extended  R111 740 
Europe  Estonia  1 year    R70 080  R1 600 
Europe  Finland  6 months    R24 400  R8 000 
Europe  Georgia  1 year  permanent residency  R36 000 
Europe  Germany  6 months  Up to 3 years  R2 000 
Europe  Greece  1 year  Axtend twice to three years  R70 000  R1 500 
Europe  Hungary  1 year  Possibility to extend  R40 000  R2 200 
Europe  Iceland  6 months    R129 200  R900 
Europe  Italy  1 year  Possibility to renew 
Europe  Latvia  1 year  Renewed with one year  R1 200 
Europe  Malta  1 year  Can be renewed  R54 000  R6 000 
Europe  Norway  6 months  Up to 3 years  R60 000  R12 000 
Europe  Portugal  1 year  Renew up to 5 years  R60 000 
Europe  Romania  1 year  Renew one year  R66 000 
Europe  Spain  1 year  Renewed up to 5 years  R40 000  R2 520 
Caribbean  Anguilla  1 year    R36 000 
Caribbean  Antigua & Barbuda  2 Years    R75 000  R27 000 
Caribbean  Bahamas  1 year  Extendable to 3 years  R18 450 
Caribbean  Barbados  1 year    R75 000  R36 000 
Caribbean  Bermuda  1 year    R4 734 
Caribbean  Curaçao  6 Months  Extend with 6 months  R5 292 
Caribbean  Dominica  18 Months  R105 000  R16 200 
Caribbean  Grenada  1 year  Renewed with one year  R55 500  R27 000 
Caribbean  Montserrat  1 year    R105 000  R9 000 
Caribbean  Saint Lucia  1 year    R1 350 
Americas  Belize  180 Days  Can be extended  R112 500  R4 500 
Americas  Costa Rica  1 year  Extend with a year  R54 000 
Americas  El Salvador  2 years  Extend with 2 years  R26 280  R50 850 
Americas  Mexico  1 year  Maximum 4 years  R29 160  R7 020 
Americas  Panama  9 Months  Extended with 9 months  R54 000  R5 400 
South America  Brazil  1 year  Renewed for 1 year  R27 000 
South America  Colombia  2 years    R12 312  R3 186 
South America  Ecuador  2 years    R22 950 
South America  Uruguay  6 months  Extend once  R198 
Middle East & Asia  Dubai (UAE)  1 year    R90 000  R5 166 
Middle East & Asia  Abu Dhabi  1 year    R63 000  R5 166 
Middle East & Asia  Taiwan  Open-Ended  R102 600  R5 580 
Middle East & Asia  Sri Lanka  180-270 Days  R3 600 
Middle East & Asia  Thailand  10 years    R120 000  R10 800 
Middle East & Asia  Malaysia  1 year  Extend with a year  R36 000  R3 960 
Africa  Cape Verde  6 months  Extend with 6 months  R27 000  R1 080 
Africa  Mauritius  1 year   
Africa  Namibia  6 months    R36 000  R1 116 
Africa  Seychelles  1 year    R900 
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What's a Digital Nomad?

    • Digital Nomads works remotely with the flexibility to travel while working from different locations around the world

    • Digital Nomads use technology to work from anywhere and includes freelancers, remote employees or self-employed entrepreneurs

    • Digital Nomads can essentially work anywhere, as long as they have their laptop and access to a good internet connection

    • Digital Nomads have a better work/life balance, enjoy more freedom and eliminate office distractions while exploring the world

    What's a Digital Nomad Visa?

      • Digital Nomad Visa is a program that gives you the legal right to work remotely while residing away from your country of permanent residence

      • Digital Nomad Visas are designed to attract remote workers, freelancers and digital entrepreneurs who can contribute to the local economy

      • Digital Nomad Visa allows you to relocate to a foreign country with your family, get access to local education and medicine, and optimize taxes

      • Digital Nomad Visa take up to 5 months to obtain and can be valid for 12 months and be extended, depending on the country issuing the visa

      • Digital Nomad Visa requirements, eligibility criteria and duration vary from one country to another

      • Each country sets its own fees and application requirements like proof of income, health insurance and a clean criminal record

      • Digital Nomad Visas enables individuals to combine work with travel and explore different parts of the world


      Monthly Income
      Work Remotely
      Valid Passport
      50% Deposit to Start

      Three steps to get a Digital Nomad Visa:

      Become a Digital Nomad

      Earn an income while working remotely

      Select a Country

      Based on requirements

      Get You Visa

      VisaRequest will assist with your visa application to make it easy and hassle-free

      Questions about Digital Nomad Visas

      It depends on the area and your lifestyle, but the average monthly spending of a digital nomad is between $1000 and $2000

      A spouses, partner or children can typically be included under the digital nomad visa but their eligibility depends on the relationship to the primary applicant

      You can generally stay longer and use the facilities offered by the host country

      A digital nomad visa allows the remote worker physical residency in the country for a set amount of time while e-Residency allows the remote worker an online presence in that country

      You need skills like coding, programming, blogging and content editing which gives you the ability to monetize these skills as a remote freelancer

      Start the process now!

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