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    Startup Visas

    Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey Abroad!

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Start Up Business Innovation Visa

    Are you a visionary entrepreneur seeking to turn your innovative business idea into reality or to expand your business globally? VisaRequest specializes in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in obtaining a startup visa (also known as the start-up visum, innovation visa, or entrepreneur visa). With the startup visa, you can seize the opportunity to establish and grow your business in countries renowned for their supportive ecosystems. Our expert team at VisaRequest can advise you on program preparation and facilitate the temporary and permanent residence application process.

    Embrace the chance to follow in the footsteps of entrepreneurial icons like Elon Musk, who embarked on his transformative journey from South Africa. The startup visa opens doors to unparalleled opportunities for ambitious individuals like yourself, allowing you to bring your visionary ideas to life and contribute to the global landscape of innovation. As the world evolves amidst rapid technological advancements, countries are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role of start-ups in driving economic growth and fostering innovation. With VisaRequest by your side, you can navigate the complexities of entrepreneur immigration with ease. Unlock your potential, embrace innovation, and embark on a journey to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in your dream destination.

    What is a Start Up Visa?

      A startup visa is a specialized type of visa offered by certain countries to attract entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world to establish and grow their businesses within their borders. Unlike traditional work visas, which are typically tied to employment with a specific company, startup visas are designed specifically for individuals who want to launch their ventures or startups. These visas are aimed at fostering economic growth, innovation, and job creation by facilitating the entry of talented and ambitious entrepreneurs who may not have access to other immigration pathways. Startup visas often come with unique eligibility requirements and benefits tailored to support the needs of entrepreneurs, such as access to funding, mentorship programs, and streamlined immigration processes.

      Countries offering startup visas recognize the value that startups bring to their economies, including the creation of new jobs, the introduction of innovative products and services, and the stimulation of investment and economic activity. By attracting entrepreneurial talent from abroad, these countries aim to strengthen their position as hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship on the global stage. Startup visas provide a pathway for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into reality in a supportive and conducive environment, while also contributing to the growth and prosperity of the host country.

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      Criteria for a Start Up Visa

      The criteria for entrepreneurs to obtain a startup visa vary depending on the country, but some common requirements include:
        • Innovative Business Idea

          Entrepreneurs typically need to demonstrate that their business idea is innovative or unique in some way. This may involve providing a detailed business plan outlining the product or service, its market potential, and its competitive advantage

        • Financial Investment

          Many startup visa programs require entrepreneurs to make a financial investment in their business. This could involve having a certain amount of capital available for investment or demonstrating access to funding sources

        • Ownership or Control

          Entrepreneurs may need to show that they have a significant stake in the business, either through ownership or control, to qualify for a startup visa

        • Market Potential

          Some programs may assess the market potential of the business idea and its ability to contribute to the economy of the host country. This could involve evaluating factors such as job creation, revenue generation, and export potential

        • Background and Experience

          Entrepreneurs may be required to have relevant background or experience in their field to demonstrate their ability to successfully launch and operate a startup

        • Supporting Documentation

          Applicants typically need to provide various supporting documents, such as a business plan, financial statements, proof of investment funds, and any necessary permits or licenses

        • Approval Process

          The application process for a startup visa often involves review by government authorities to ensure that the entrepreneur meets all eligibility criteria and that the business idea aligns with the objectives of the visa program

        The Benefits of a Start-Up Visa

        Obtaining a startup visa for immigrants and expats to open a business in a foreign country can offer several significant benefits
          • Access to New Markets

            Entering a foreign market can provide access to a larger customer base and opportunities for business growth that may not be available in the entrepreneur's home country

          • Global Talent Pool

            Immigrating entrepreneurs can tap into a diverse talent pool, accessing skilled workers from different backgrounds and cultures to help build and grow their business

          • Innovative Environment

            Many countries offering startup visas foster innovative environments with supportive ecosystems, including access to mentors, incubators, accelerators, and networking opportunities

          • Funding Opportunities

            Some countries provide financial support, grants, or access to investment networks for immigrant entrepreneurs, helping them secure funding to launch or expand their businesses

          • Regulatory Support

            Startup visa programs often streamline the regulatory process for setting up a business, reducing bureaucratic barriers and providing guidance on legal and compliance requirements

          • Residency and Citizenship

            Startup visas may lead to residency or citizenship in the host country, providing long-term stability and opportunities for personal and professional growth for the entrepreneur and their family

          • Networking and Collaboration

            Immigrant entrepreneurs can connect with like-minded individuals, potential partners, and industry experts within the host country's entrepreneurial ecosystem, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing

          • Cultural Exposure and Diversity

            Operating a business in a foreign country allows entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in new cultures, gain valuable insights, and adapt their products or services to meet diverse market needs. Brand Exposure and Reputation: Expanding internationally through a startup visa can enhance the entrepreneur's brand reputation and credibility, signaling to customers, investors, and partners that they are serious about global expansion

          • Personal and Professional Development

            The experience of starting and running a business in a foreign country can lead to personal and professional growth, challenging entrepreneurs to adapt, innovate, and develop valuable skills in a dynamic and competitive environment

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          Who Offers StartUp Visas?

          These are some of the countries offering a startup visa
          • Canada‘s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. Applicants must pitch their start-up to a designated organization and secure their support. Successful applicants receive permanent residence and benefit from Canada’s vibrant startup ecosystem, with opportunities for funding, guidance, and growth
          • Denmark offers the Startup Denmark visa, focusing on high-growth and globally-minded entrepreneurs. Applicants must have their business idea approved by the government and demonstrate financial support. The visa grants a two-year permit, renewable for up to five years, and supports innovative and scalable businesses in Denmark.
          • Dubai‘s startup visa program, part of the Dubai Future Foundation’s initiatives, offers benefits such as no minimum income requirements and access to finance and support programs.
          • Finland‘s Startup Permit allows international growth entrepreneurs to establish startups in Finland. The permit requires a startup team with versatile expertise, an innovative business plan, significant ownership in the company, access to resources and funding, and financial means for support.
          • France offers the French Tech Visa for Founders, targeting international startup founders with innovative projects. Applicants must receive recognition from a public-sector body and demonstrate sufficient financial means. The visa grants a multiyear residence permit and encourages innovation and growth in the French tech ecosystem.
          • Hong Kong is ideal for entrepreneurs aiming to do business with China can apply for the Entry for Investment entrepreneur visa, which has no minimum capital requirements. Applicants need to submit a two-year business plan, proof of capital investment, and demonstrate how they will contribute to the economy.
          • Ireland‘s Start-up Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) aims to attract high-potential startups that can generate jobs and contribute to the economy. The minimum investment amount is €50,000, and there is no requirement to create a specific number of jobs.
          • Italy offers a startup visa for entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. The visa streamlines the visa procedure, provides tax and labor regulation benefits, and requires proof of the innovative character of the business idea and access to €50,000 in investment capital.
          • Netherlands offers a residence permit for startups is for non-EU individuals starting innovative businesses in the Netherlands. Applicants must collaborate with a reliable facilitator, introduce an innovative product or service, have a plan to advance the idea to a business, and have sufficient financial means.
          • New Zealand has an Entrepreneur Work Visa which allows entrepreneurs to buy or set up businesses in New Zealand. The visa is granted in two stages, supporting initial settlement and business launch, and requires a minimum investment of NZD 100,000, a business plan, and 120 points on the points scale.
          • Portugal‘s Startup Visa is a residence visa for entrepreneurs aiming to invest and bring talent, and innovation to Portugal. Applicants must develop business activities to produce innovative goods and services, create qualified employment, and have the potential for significant turnover and asset value.
          • Singapore‘s EntrePass is for entrepreneurs bringing innovation, investment, and revenues. Foreigners must meet specific requirements, including obtaining at least SG$100,000 in funding from a government-accredited venture capitalist or angel investor.
          • Spain offers a fast-tracked resident permit for entrepreneurs with a government-vetted business plan, health insurance, and sufficient financial support. Visa decisions are made within 10 working days, and residence permits within 20 days.
          • United Kingdom provides a Start-up Visa for individuals seeking to establish innovative businesses. Endorsement from an approved body is required, and applicants must demonstrate an original and viable business idea. The visa allows for two years in the UK, with the possibility of switching to other visa categories.
          • United States offers multiple visa categories for entrepreneurs, including the E2 visa, which allows investors to run businesses in the US. The E2 visa requires substantial investment, an active, for-profit business, and intent to depart the US once the visa ends

          Requirements to apply for the Startup Visa

          Innovative Business Idea
          Government Approval
          Valid Passport
          50% Deposit to Start

          Three steps to get a Startup Visa:

          Get an innovative business idea

          Demonstrate that the business idea is innovative or unique in some way

          Select a Country

          Choose the country offering the best opportunities

          Get You Visa

          VisaRequest will assist with your visa application to make it easy and hassle-free

          Frequently Asked Questions About Startup Visas

          A start-up visa is a special type of visa offered by certain countries to facilitate the entry of entrepreneurs who want to establish and grow their own businesses within their borders

          Eligibility criteria vary depending on the country, but generally, applicants must demonstrate a viable business plan, innovative ideas, sufficient funding, and a commitment to growing their business locally

          Countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, and many others offer startup visa programs

          Benefits may include access to funding, mentorship programs, streamlined immigration processes, residency rights, and the opportunity to establish and grow a business in a supportive environment

          Funding requirements vary by country but often range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the country's regulations and the nature of the business.

          Most startup visa programs allow entrepreneurs to bring their immediate family members, such as spouses and children, with them to the host country

          Some countries require applicants to have a fully developed business plan, while others may accept applications from entrepreneurs at earlier stages of business development.

          Processing times vary by country and can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on factors such as the complexity of the application and the country's immigration procedures

          Startup visa holders are typically expected to focus on developing their own businesses full-time, but some countries may allow limited part-time employment or freelance work

          Policies vary by country, but in some cases, visa holders may be given a grace period to wind down their businesses or seek alternative employment

          Some countries offer pathways to permanent residency or citizenship for successful entrepreneurs who meet certain criteria, such as job creation and investment in the local economy

          Language requirements vary by country, but in many cases, proficiency in the local language is not a strict requirement, especially if the business operates in an international or English-speaking market

          While age limits are not common, some countries may have specific age requirements or restrictions for certain visa categories

          Some countries offer special visa programs for students or recent graduates who want to launch their own businesses, while others may require applicants to meet more stringent eligibility criteria

          While previous entrepreneurial experience may be beneficial, it is not always a strict requirement, especially for early-stage startups with innovative ideas and growth potential

          In many cases, individuals with existing businesses in their home countries may still be eligible to apply for a startup visa, provided they meet the eligibility criteria and can demonstrate the potential for growth and innovation.

          Many countries offer support services such as mentorship programs, networking events, access to incubators and accelerators, and assistance with business development and market entry

          The Benefits of VisaRequest

          VisaRequest are experts with startup visums
            • Expertise in Startup Visas

              VisaRequest specializes in assisting entrepreneurs seeking startup visas, with a focus on over 30 countries worldwide. Their in-depth knowledge of visa requirements and application processes ensures that clients receive expert guidance tailored to their specific needs

            • Comprehensive Immigration Services

              Beyond startup visas, VisaRequest offers a wide range of immigration services, including study abroad visas, working holiday visas, and digital nomad visas. By providing a one-stop solution for all immigration needs, VisaRequest simplifies the process and ensures clients have access to comprehensive support

            • Streamlined Application Process

              VisaRequest simplifies the visa application process by assigning dedicated immigration specialists to assist clients every step of the way. From document collection to embassy submissions, clients benefit from a streamlined process that minimizes hassle and maximizes efficiency

            • Proven Track Record of Success

              VisaRequest boasts a track record of success, with satisfied clients sharing their positive experiences and successful outcomes on the company's website. By leveraging VisaRequest's expertise, entrepreneurs increase their chances of visa approval and embark on their international ventures with confidence

            • Transparent and Empowering Approach

              VisaRequest empowers clients by providing transparent guidance on visa requirements and offering readily available information on their website. By equipping clients with the knowledge and resources they need to prepare their documents effectively, VisaRequest ensures a transparent and empowering experience throughout the visa application process

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